The MARKET is the cultural gathering place

Last post there was the photo of the market  in SILENCE.  On Sunday it is all cleaned out swept up.  The rest of the days of the week it is bustling with people of all ages and ethnic groups.  It is with excitement I approach to hunt for the best little bananas (my favorite), tomatoes, papaya, pineapple, onions, green beans, cucumbers, passion fruit…etc.Last post there was the photo of the market  in SILENCE.  On Sunday it is all cleaned out IMG_0142Sister Nicholas, wife of Branch President, has farm where Adrian cuts down trees and gets his hands in the soil.IMG_0133Lots of people, lots of produce !IMG_0132Root vegetables that we don’t even know.  They make these little boat baskets to transport them and then they just through these cute little baskets in the trash.
IMG_0130Hard at work.IMG_0134More little baskets with roots.  This is their mainstay and they are boiled.IMG_0133Papayas here are out of this world, had some for breakfast this morning with warm rice, milk and brown sugar.IMG_0139This sweet sister was tending her baby and trying to mind the shop !IMG_0137Tons of bananas all sizes and all sizes of bunches !IMG_0135Tables and tables of produce !IMG_0129Not uncommon to see people sleeping all over anywhere.  Shocked me when I saw it the first time, now it is island normal.  We love Vanuatu !!!!

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3 comments on “The MARKET is the cultural gathering place

  1. gladys Olson on said:

    Please forgive me for not writing sooner. We do miss you a lot, but I saw Adrian had his vitamin pills. Your picture are great.
    Sounds like you re keeping busy and that is wonderful. I can imagine how everyone loves you. We do also.
    Linda and I spent Christmas in San Antonio with my daughter LeeAnn and family and then flew to Dallas to be with Linda’s daughter. It was cold there and we didn’t take warm clothes and then 3 inches of snow here when we got home.
    Love to each Linda and Gladys.

    • Adrian & Michele Hinton on said:

      Hello to you dear sweet people ! We miss having our occasional exchange of goodies and our special visits. We have been busy learning the culture and our way around and interesting place.
      We leave civilization to go to an island on the 31st where there is only one store which would be smaller than a 7 -11 and nothing like what America has inside. We will be ther two days meeting with village chiefs to make sure the sites are appropriate for us to bring in huge water tanks. We will go to 5 – 6 villages. We will stay in a bungalow and I used to think that was such a cute word. When we did this before there was a tree growing inside the shower and it made you feel like there were bugs crawling on your skin, even if they weren’t. the hardest part at first was the heat. We have gotten a bit more used to it now. Wish us luck. Hope all is going well and you are snug as a bug in a rug. We love you both! Elder and Sister Hinton

  2. Tom Hill on said:

    Hello Elder and Sister Hinton. I feel like I need to say Aloha, but I know that isn’t right, but don’t know the work for Hello in Vanutau. While you are enjoying the wonderful heat, back here in Utah we are loving the record breaking cold and smog. Good to hear that you are having great success on the other side of the world. Wish I was there to help you get your shower all pruned up. Guess you know you’re roughing it when they give you not a towel for the shower, but a machette. And the machette is not just for the trees but also for the bugs. Good luck on that.
    Well you two take care and know that we are thinking about you and the service you are doing for our brethern in Vanuatu.

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