Into the BUSH of Whitegrass, Tanna, Vanuatu (Jan31-Feb 1,2013)

DSCF1785Please know you can click on the picture so you can see it better.

Our wonderful friends insisted in making dinner for us the night before we left.  Our friends from Orem Utah (who we never knew before our mission.  And new couple from Washington State.  Sister Chyenoweth lived in Japan for 5 years so knows how to cook.  Served on rice and yummy!DSCF1795Off to Tanna in a 16 seater!   Reminded me of the Scare West days.   DSCF1790Sister Merrie Nalawas, a RM from New York City that we hired to go home to her home villages and teach sanitation and hygiene.  We were so happy to have her and it helped her pay for books for school.  We love her!DSCF1798The missionaries Elder Liloux (New Caledonia) and Elder Gittens (Ogden, Utah met us and took us to the villages where we needed meetings.   We all had a wonderful lunch at the Evergreen Resort and then breakfast the next Morning.  I think they ate about 2 loaves of bread (homemade) with jam and an omlet.  One egg is 70 cents.  Our breakfast cost $40.00DSCF1794This is an areal view from the plane of the resort.  The room was cleaner than the one we stayed in before in Tanna and there was electricity.  Much better experience this time!DSCF1826 You can see the groupings.  Children with Elder Gittens.  The men and then further away the women.DSCF1814This is why we are here.  How would you like to drink out of those rusty barrels.  the branch President is on the left.  He is a tall, gentle man.DSCF1800Notice the platform in the foreground.  It was deteriorating.  The built a new on in the back out of a native redwood posts.  They gave up waiting for someone to come.  It was one of the projects we were supposed to fund.

I will follow with Part B Tanna Trip.  I have more pictures but can’t find them and am afraid I could lose this page.  To be continued……Love from E/S Hinton

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One comment on “Into the BUSH of Whitegrass, Tanna, Vanuatu (Jan31-Feb 1,2013)

  1. Paul and Colleen AFerguson on said:

    Dear friends, We don’t know if you get our mail or not. We think of you and pray for you, and know The Lord is looking after you. We really miss you! Our grandson Elder Spencer Cordner, is loving his mission. His last area he kind of had a panic attack when he got there, but now he loves it. I am surprises at how much they teach and the baptisms they have. The language doesn’t seem to be a problem. We keep busy with new babies and weddings. Paul’s health hasn’t been the best since we got home. We have had lots of doctors appointments, I hope we soon get to the bottom of it. He has some major tests next week. Dr. Peterson did 9 surgeries on his face. He is really good, they have healed up beautifully. The yard looks beautiful, we have had some rain and cool weather. We send our love. Paul and Colleen

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